Meet the managers at A-Armadillo Storage

Linda Wilson: Manager

Linda Wilson Storage Manager Arlington

Raised in San Pedro, California, Linda’s active outdoors family was either sailing out to Catalina for the weekend or enjoying their mountain cabin near Big Bear. After graduating High School, she attended Woodbury University with an emphasis on fashion design and illustration. She worked while in college as a salesman for lead at a San Pedro ship chandlery, taking orders down at the docks from ocean-going ships for all their on-board needs. “I took all types of orders from the ships and only had a few hours to have everything delivered before the ship would set sail. It was fun, but also a lot of responsibility because once the ship sailed, if we missed something on their list, they couldn’t just run to the corner market to get it! I was young, I was blonde, I got the orders, and we really hustled to deliver on time. It was a hard and fast business and I loved it.”

Following a strong creative urge she attended art school with an emphasis on fashion design and illustration. While working to support herself she became a lead at a ships chandlery-taking orders down at the docks from ocean-going ships for all their on-board needs, from groceries to toilet paper. ‘I was young, I was blonde, I got the orders,’ Linda comments. ‘It was business and I liked it.’

Married in her early-twenties, she moved and got a job in the Trust Department at Crocker National Bank and in six months later was supervising the department as the youngest Trust Officer at the bank. Six years later, Linda was offered a job as the sales coordinator for California Milling Corp., a full-line supplier to commercial bakeries of flour, mixes, fillings, and flavors, “I was managing 35 salesmen and their sales managers and running customer service. I was also ‘keeper of the keys’, meaning the gatekeeper to all the company’s secret formulas.”

California Milling was sold to Pillsbury and several executive V.P.’s created a new company called Miller Distributing where Linda worked for over 30 years until they closed in 2010. “I know more about flour than anyone should know and, believe me, that’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s a real conversation-stopper at cocktail parties.”

Relatively new to Texas and to the self-storage industry, Linda looks back on her time in Southern California with fond memories. Always an avid sailor, she and her then husband were long-time boating pals with the iconic film star, John Wayne. But Texas is rubbing off on her. Linda finds the people around Arlington, “Polite, gracious, and welcoming. Honestly, I love it here.”

She has found the self-storage business to be very competitive and challenging, made all the more and interesting by the broad cross-section of people she comes into contact with everyday. “People have all kinds of reasons for renting units,” Linda comments. “Some good and some a little less so; some will be here forever; some only for a few months, it all depends. But they all come with a story which they often share with us. It makes the relationship between us just that much more personal and important. We’re glad they’ve chosen us, and that we can be of service- making life a little easier and more convenient for them. That’s what I like about managing A Armadillo.”

Steve Golden

Steve Golden

Steve was raised in Albany, California, just down the road from Berkeley, and the famous UC campus. As a high school football player Steve’s team was recruited every year to serve as ushers at Cal games. This experience reinforced Steve’s love of the game and made him huge, lifelong fan of college ball. In fact it was football that brought this Californian to Arlington.

Some years ago, Steve’s son, a corporate pilot stationed in Arlington, invited his dad down for a special weekend of football. “We went to a high-school game Friday night; we attended a TCU game on Saturday, and we had seats for the inaugural game between the Cowboys and the Giants at the new Cowboy’s Stadium. Wow! That weekend changed my life.” A self-storage pro going way back, at the time Steve managed a self-storage facility in Sacramento, Ca. owned by a large chain, He asked for a transfer to the Dallas, Ft. Worth region and got it. After a spell with his former company he found his way to A Armadillo. “It’s a pretty large place, but it’s got a family feel to it. I have a great affinity for people. I like helping them so A Armadillo suits me just fine.”

Helping people has also come in the form of coaching. Steve has been hugely involved in youth football leagues, including Pop Warner. “I gave youth football a lot of good years,” Steve says. “You pat ‘em on the back sometimes, and sometimes you kick ‘em in the rear, giving those kids what you think they need to believe in themselves and succeed.”

“I always used to tell the boys that the team functioned like an automobile, with all it’s critical moving parts working in concert with one-another. If one aspect isn’t performing right, it negatively affects the rest of the machine. Not long ago I bumped into one of my former players who’s a grown man now and running a very successful company. He told me he’d never forgotten the automobile analogy and uses it with his own employees. Hearing that from him made me feel pretty good.”

When not on duty at A Armadillo, Steve plays as much golf as possible. “If you ever need a dose of humility, play a round of golf,” suggests Steve. I’m one of the most humble guys you’ll ever meet thanks to that game. The challenge of it intrigues me. The other is the quiet and sense of peace I feel out there…unless, of course, I miss an easy putt.”